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Sioux Falls Handyman with 30+ years in the electronics industry and a lifetime of remodeling projects, Jolark Handyman Services has you covered.

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Jolark Handyman has compiled a list that highlights some of our prices and services. The premier Sioux Falls Handyman

With this information, potential clients will get an idea of what handyman services cost. Price clarity is very important to me, I’m the world’s worst expecting there to be hidden fees. Know this, I will always be fair and honest with my service charges, and my work ethics are always above par. My clients should feel confident when hiring Jolark, Sioux Falls Handyman. To see our pricing, click the link below.

Sioux Falls Handyman
Crooks Handyman
Wondering and knowing what’s going on at your resident’s or business are two very different things. Allow technology to remove the doubt with these simple additions.
Brandon Handyman
Kitchen and Bath
Did you know the kitchen and bathrooms are the most used and abused rooms in the house? With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the kitchen and bathroom often need a few repairs.
Tea Handyman
Exterior Repair
The exterior of the home is constantly under attack from the elements. Jolark can help to spruce up the exterior of your home through visually appealing home repairs.
Why do I do this? The Lord blessed me with a talented pair of hands, and a very creative mind.

Creativeness comes naturally and allows me to be able to come up with some alternative solutions to complicated problems.  Visualizing and comprehending what clients are trying to convey is second nature for me. My background is very checkered with different types of technology. Being an owner of an office equipment business taught me the art of sales, communication, scheduling, and follow through. Sales and communication comes naturally and is extremely important to Jolark. One of my pet peeves is people that don’t ever respond or show up after being contacted. Be assured, I will do everything possible to keep my clients engaged as much or as little as possible according to their individual needs.

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Jolark Handyman Services are services are cost-effective, delivered on-time, and designed to improve the value of your home. Simply give us a call to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team today!

Mark Bowers.

Handyman and Owner

Apple Siri

Office Manager and Scheduler

Sink repair sioux falls

Old Blue Goose

Delivery and Pickup

What People Say About Me

Mark was hired to complete an attic access and remodel that had been started by the previous owner. When questions or concerns arose, he was patient and explained everything in as much or as little detail as I needed to understand the issues. From the start of the remodel, Mark exhibited professionalism, expertise, and was respectful. Everything was completed to my satisfaction and more. Thank you Mark for a great job, I am so pleased with my attic access remodel.

Mark Bowers.

Handyman and Owner

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